Why pasta, you ask?
Families today are searching for healthy, satisfying meals that offer variety and value. Pasta is the perfect answer! Pasta is very low in sodium, plus non-egg varieties are cholesterol-free. Enriched pastas provide an excellent source of folic acid and other essential nutrients, including iron and several B-vitamins. Also, pasta is low on the Glycemic Index (GI), making it an excellent foundation for well-balanced, slowly digested meals that keep your blood sugar stable.

Do you have nutritional information available?
Because our menu is partly a build-your-own concept, it is difficult to provide accurate nutritional information. If you would like a basic analysis of your favorite dish, contact us via email directly.

Do you accept phone orders?
We do not accept phone orders. A freshly-made order of pasta or a flatbread takes just a few minutes...let us make it fresh right when you arrive!

Do you deliver?
Yes, and No: More info on deliveries HERE.

A note about gluten & allergens:
ZOLA takes gluten free seriously. We take extraordinary care to avoid cross-contamination, but ZOLA handles a lot of pasta and flatbread, and we can't guarantee that your food won't come in contact with gluten. Those with severe gluten allergies cannot be assured that our food is safe. Information about additional allergens can be found below:

PZ Allergen Chart - MASTER.jpg