we support our youth

We have lived, worked, and raised our 3 kids in the western suburbs for 27 years. We believe in strong community values, and understand the impact that a locally-owned business can have in our area. PZ is committed to supporting organizations that mirror our own charitable goals.

The Pasta Zola Family
(Mitch & Kris Thayer, owners)

PZ donation goals

Before you solicit our support, please read:
For 2017 we have implemented a new strategy for helping our community through donations that target area youth, by supporting School District 112 programs and teams.

Why? We are flooded daily with requests for donations. This strategy allows us to support our community without breaking the bank.

If you would like to inquire about our District 112 School Nights, please contact us directly:

SUBJECT: Donation

Please remember, we are a small business and every member of our team is incredibly busy. Please do not call the restaurants directly. Although there are many organizations we would like to support, we cannot possibly support them all. We seek community partners where we can have the most impact, and give back to the community that has given so much to us both professionally and personally.

Thank you for understanding.

The Pasta Zola Family
(Mitch & Kris Thayer, owners)

District 112 school nights

We recognize how valuable education is in building and sustaining a community, and we hope that our support of local youth through the District 112 School Nights program will become a critical part of our mission. Band, Football, Choir, Math Club, Debate—we support it all, and more!

Want 25% back?
PZ will give back 25% of each supporter’s tab purchased during your event.

It’s fun & easy!
Our beautiful space can accommodate up to 45 people comfortably at a time. The dining area has flexible seating, a large-screen tv, music, a fireplace, and games. And we offer premium house-baked cookies for dessert. 

We will help set you up for success
We’ll provide customized marketing materials to help you to get the word out and get a lot of people to your event. Posters and flyers for your students help make your event a hit.

Ready to schedule? Have questions?
SUBJECT: District 112 School Night

promotional materials

We will help you develop a promotional campaign to maximize your fundraising efforts. A customized poster/flyer will be designed for you, to print and/or distribute via email to your supporters. And we will display your group name/logo on our large screen during your event.

Sample promotional poster/flyer

Sample promotional poster/flyer